Department offering the course: Pharmacy Practice
Level [Semester]: Fifth [Spring]

Basic Information

Total Credit Hours: 2
Hospital: 4
Professional Information
Overall Aims of the Course
This is a 3 months of practical experience course aiming at providing the senior pharmacy student with experience in the provision of Pharmaceutical care in an in-patient pharmacy setting. The student develops skills to function as part of the health care team interacting with patients and other health care professionals, to identify, resolve and prevent drug-related problems in order to ensure safe and cost effective drug therapy.

During this experience, students are expected to apply their academic knowledge, problem solving and decision making skills to deliver pharmaceutical care under the supervision of their preceptors.

PHAR 408 Pharmacology II

Time Table:
Tue 12- 4 pm
Wed 12- 4 pm
Thu 12- 4 pm
Frid 12- 4 pm

Office Hours:   
T  10-12 pm    

Assessment  Methods:
- Written final examination to ability to practice pharmaceutical care
- Oral presentation to assess communication skills and professional attitudes
- Assignments/ preceptor evaluation to assess ability of independent learning skills and patient care practice

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