Department offering the course: Pharmacy Practice
Level [Semester]: Second [Spring]

Basic Information

Total Credit Hours: 2
Practice: 2
Professional Information
Overall Aims of the Course
The course aims to introduce students to the basic knowledge of pharmaceutical care principles and practice. It also aims to introduce students to the application of therapeutics in order to enable the provision of patient-centered care.  

Rational: The ability to identify, resolve and prevent drug therapy problems is an essential component of contemporary pharmacy practice.

Prerequisite/ Co-requisite:
PHAR 342 Pharmacotherapeutics I

Time Table:
Wed 8-10 am  Pharmacy Practice Lab
Wed 10-12 pm Pharmacy Practice Lab    
Th  10-12 pm Pharmacy Practice Lab    
Th  12-2 pm Pharmacy Practice Lab    

Office Hours:   
Th 8-10 am    

Assessment  Methods:
- Final Exam (OSCE).
- Mid-Term Exam Written.
- Performance based assessment activities (In class activity-based assessment).
- Assignments and Participation in discussions

List of References
- Pharmaceutical care practice: the patient centered approach to medication management. Robert J.Cipolle., Linda Strand, Peter Morley. Third edition, Mc Graw Hill Medical.
- Pharmacotherapy: a pathophysiologic approach. Dipiro J.T., Wells B.G., Schwinghammer T.L., Eighth edition, Mc Graw Hill Medical.
- Therapeutic choices, Seventh edition, Canadian Pharmacists Association.
- Patient Self Care, First edition, Canadian Pharmacists Association.
- Web sites:

Further reading: