PHAR 580 Inter Professional Education (IPE)

PHAR 580 Inter Professional Education (IPE)


Department offering the course: Pharmacy Practice
Fifth Level [Tenth semester]

Basic Information
Total Credit Hours: 1
Lecture: 2
Professional Information
Overall Aim of the Course:
The course aims to foster the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that facilitate effective interprofessional (IP) collaborative practice among health care providers. Through interactive learning students will explore ways in which their professions can work together in order to optimize patient’s care respecting each other’s roles and responsibilities. The course employs a variety of interactive methods and technologies.

Time Table:
Lecture :  Friday 08-10 am   

Assessment  Methods:
- Case-based learning
- Problem-based learning

List of References
Course handouts: Upload on electronic Platform

Essentials text books:   
- Scherpbier A, Mann K, Dornan T. Medical Education: Theory and Practice: Integrates Practice, Theory, Innovation and Research. 4th ed., Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 2011.
- Dent J, Harden R. A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers. 3rd ed., Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 2009.

Recommended readings:   
Periodicals and websites:
1. Bridges D, Davidson R, Odegard P, Maki I, Tomkowiak J. Interprofessional collaboration: Three best practice models of interprofessional education. Med Educ Online 2011; 1-10.
2. Thistlethwaite J. Interprofessional education: A review of context, learning and the research agenda. Medical Education 2012: 46: 58–70.
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