PHAR 010 Leadership: Concepts, Principles and Tools

PHAR 010  Leadership: Concepts, Principles and Tools

Department offering the course:Pharmacy Practice
Level [Semester]:  First[Spring] University elective

Basic Information
Total Credit Hours: 2
Lecture: 2 hrs
Professional Information
Overall aims:
This course is designed to encourage students and boost their leadership behaviours. Through a simple multi-step model, students will have the opportunity to discover the concept, definitions and theories of leadership. More importantly, the course will also provide students with essential tools that help them develop a leadership style that is effective, authentic and sustainable in today’s times.

Time Table:
Lecture: Tuesday 2-4        
Office Hours: Thursday 2-4        

Assessment Methods:
Written exams, case-based assessments, role-plays

List of References
Lecture handouts