CHEM 420 - Analysis of Organic Compounds

Analysis of Organic Compounds - CHEM 420

Lecture Meeting: Tuesday 08:00 - 10:00

Catalog Description:

Structure analysis and identification of organic compounds by chemical analysis (elemental analysis, functional groups classification, identification and derivatization reactions) and spectroscopic studies including Infrared, UV - VIS, NMR, mass spectrometry. Practical: Applied experiments related to the above topics.

Course Objectives:

This course aims at introducing students to the general field of systematic identification of organic compounds using chemical and instrumental analysis. This includes carrying out full laboratory procedures in addition to acquiring all skills required to understand and analyze IR, NMR, UV-vis, and Mass experimental spectral of organic compounds and to identify them.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO’s)

Knowledge and understanding:

   K1- State the principles involved in the systematic identification of organic compounds.

   K2- Distinguish between and identify functional groups.

   K3- Interpret spectral data.

    K4- Explain the principles of IR, NMR, UV-vis and mass spectrometry.

Intellectual abilities:

    I1- Predict the spectral data of organic compounds based on chemcial structure.

    I2- Analyze IR, NMR, UV-vis and mass spectrometry spectra.
    I3- Assess experimental data.

    I4- Relate data from various spectral techniques.

Professional and Practical competencies:

    P1- Plan experimental procedures for the full identification of organic compounds.

    P2- Design a systematic scheme to eluicdate the structure of organic compounds.

    P3- Conduct an experimental protocol to determine chemical structure.

    P4- Report and record experimental data.

General and Transferable Skills:

    S1- Communicate scientific information in English.

    S2- Rationally think and solve problems.

    S3- Use the library and e-resources to access information.

    S4- Work in groups and communicate with others positively.

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