MATH 312 - Operation Research

Operation Research - MATH 312

Lecture Meeting: Monday 11:00 - 13:00
Catalog Description:

Modeling linear programming and deriving methods for solving them using algorithms such as:geometrical method, simplex method, dual simplex method, transportation algorithms. Problems without constraint will be also discussed, where various numerical methods apply.

Course Objectives:

This course provides students with the specialist knowledge necessary for basic concepts in linear programming . It enables them to learn the fundamental aspects of optimization problems, basic concepts about geometrical, simplex, dual simplex methods and numerical methods for unconstraint problems.

Course Outcomes:

1) Knowledge and Understanding: The student learns linear program problems, be familiar with theories and concepts used throughout the course and deals with different applications related to applied mathematics.

2) Intellectual Skills: Learn the fundamental aspects of numerical algorithms in order to solve optimization problems and implement it in a lot of examples.

3) General and Transferable Skills: Develop the ability to reflect on problems that are quite significant in the field of mathematics and work effectively both in a team and independently.

Student Outcomes:

   K1-Knowledge of basic theorems and concepts in the different areas of mathematics.

   I2-Ability to consider problems that could be solved by implementing concepts from different areas in

   P1-Efficient use of computers, laboratories and softwares to handle problems that are difficult to be solved

   P2-Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities

   P3- Efficient use of the techniques, skills, and tools of modern mathematics

   S3-Recognize and respond to the need for lifelong and self learning for a successful career

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