MATH 344 - Real Analysis II

Real Analysis II - MATH 344

Lecture Meeting: Wednesday 1000 - 1130                  
Tuesday 1200 - 1330

Catalog Description

Riemann integral, convergence of sequences and series of functions, functions of several variables, limit of integral of a sequence of functions, contraction principle.

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide students with the specialist knowledge necessary for basic concepts in Real Analysis. More precisely, it strives to enable students to learn basic concepts about functions of bounded variation, grasp basic concepts about the total variation, learn about Riemann-Stieltjes integrals , sequences and series of functions.

Course Outcomes

1) Knowledge and Understanding: Learn the theory of Riemann-Stieltjes integrals, to be aquainted with the ideas of the total variation and to be able to deal with functions of bounded variation.

2) Intellectual Skills: Develop a reasoned argument in handling problems about functions, especially those that are of bounded variation.

3) General and Transferable Skills: Develop the ability to reflect on problems that are quite significant in the field of real analysis.

Student Outcomes:

   K1-Knowledge of basic theorems and concepts in the different areas of mathematics.

   K2-Knowledge of the implementation of theories in problem solving.

   I1-Ability to understand the different math concepts and be able to implement them in our everyday problems.

  I2-Ability to consider problems that could be solved by implementing concepts from different areas in

   I3-Ability to identify, formulate, and solve problems.

   P2-Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities

   S2-Communicate ideas effectively in graphical, oral, and written media

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