MATH 244 - Ordinary Differential Equations

Ordinary Differential Equations  - MATH 244

Class Meeting: Tuesday 0800 - 0930
                        Thursday 0800 - 0930

Catalog Description:

First order ordinary differential equations and applications, linear higher order differential equations, systems of linear differential equations, series solutions of differential equations, Laplace transforms.

Course Objectives:

This course aims to introduce the student into the field of Differential Equations, classify the types of Differential Equations and introduce to him different techniques of solutions. The focus in this course is on determining the analytical solution.

Course Outcomes:

1- Knowledge and Understanding: The student is able to classify differential equations and derives some methods to solve them.

2- Intellectual Skills: By the end of the course the student is expected to choose the suitable technique for the differential equation and find its solution.

3- Practical Skills: By the end of the course the student will be able to classify the types of differential equations, use available techniques for solving differential equations and model some processes mathematically into differential equations.

4- Transferable Skills: Within the lectures the student is able to transfer ideas and experience, work effectively both in a team and independently, solve problems analytically and use computational packages such as MATLAB for solving differential equations.

Student Outcomes:
    K1-Knowledge of basic theorems and concepts in the different areas of mathematics.

    K2-Knowledge of the implementation of theories in problem solving.

    I1-Ability to understand the different math concepts and be able to implement them in our everyday problems.

    I2-Ability to consider problems that could be solved by implementing concepts from different areas in mathematics

    I3-Ability to identify, formulate, and solve problems

    P2-Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities

    S2-Communicate ideas effectively in graphical, oral, and written media

    S3-Recognize and respond to the need for lifelong and self learning for a successful career

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