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It is a great pleasure to introduce the faculty of architectural engineering in Beirut Arab   University
Since the faculty was established in 1962, theories and principles have evolved and academic standards and performance have been introduced in order to upgrade and arrive at an optimum educational target in the faculty. Thus, the academic curriculum was widely changed and modified to better fit the current needs in architectural education. The academic program is now more oriented towards the environmental and social requirements of the local society in Lebanon  and the Arab countries.

Labor market needs have also been integrated within the educational process. Due to the reputable academic standards and performance of our architectural graduates in the Arab world and elsewhere, they are being entrusted with major building and planning projects in various countries in the middle east.

Recently, relationships with other universities, local and foreign, are being established and enforced. Various Workshops and lectures have been attended by the staff and students. On the other hand, visiting professors from different architecture schools in the world have presented lectures and tutored classes at the faculty to further enhance global cooperation.

The faculty has applied for the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) validation part 1, which is one of the most prestigious accreditation institutes in Europe. An exploratory visit by the RIBA board was conducted in October 2011,and a full Board Visit in June 2012, leading to the awarding of an unconditional RIBA Part1 Accreditation to the faculty of Architectural Engineering upon the completion of 10 semesters.

Currently, the faculty is preparing for applying to part II Accreditation.

I would like to express my great appreciation to the president of Beirut Arab University and the administrative board and my colleagues, staff, and members. I am also grateful to the previous deans of the faculty who have worked for the success of the faculty since its establishment.

Finally, I extend my welcome and good wishes to our new students, as well as all students in our faculty.

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Salah El Din Attia
Dean, Faculty of Architectural Engineering


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