Stamps and Currencies Exhibition at BAU

29 November 2016

In collaboration with the Lebanese Numismatic Association, Beirut Arab University organized a “Stamps and Currencies” Exhibition in Beirut Campus on Tuesday 29th November 2016. The exhibition was attended by President of BAU, Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, BAU Secretary General, Dr. Omar Houri, as well as the Deans, students and a large crowd of interested people. The event was also attended by the Head of the Association Mr. Jilbert Abou Faysal, Ali Ghosn, Sami Yehia, Hussein Mohamed Moaz and Khalil Berjawi. 
The exhibition included a large collection of arabic and foreign coins and banknotes, whether current, old or rare, in addition to a set of banknotes signed by prominent personalities. The exhibition also included a large collection of postal stamps from various historical periods.
The exhibition further included a collection of documents, contracts and rare manuscripts that go back to the previous century, in addition to various photographs that document important landmarks in the history of Beirut, Mount Liban, Zahle and Bekaa.
After the Lebanese National Anthem and the BAU Anthem were played, Ms. Rima Chehab introduced the exhibition, giving a historical background to this hobby. This was followed by a speech by Prof. El Adawi, who drew attention to the importance of this hobby, as it is a vehicle of historical culture that opens one’s horizons. He invited students to visit the exhibition and enjoy the exhibits.
The speech of the participants was delivered by Aly Ghosn, who highlighted the role played by stamps and coins in affirming identity. The Head of the Association Mr. Gilbert Abu Faysal thanked the University and its administration, for providing the opportunity to organize the exhibition. After that the ribbon was cut and the guests toured the exhibition.


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