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Noura Yassine

Mathematics & Computer Science

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Noura Yassine

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics

Noura Yassine is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Science, Beirut Arab University. She was awarded a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Beirut Arab University. Her research areas include Applied Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Optimization, Inventory and Production Management, and Computational Mathematics. She has published several papers in peer reviewed international journals and conference proceedings.

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Previous courses

Undergraduate Level

Introduction to statistics, Inferential statistics, Biometry, Biostatistics, Business statistics, Business math, Financial math, advanced Business statistics, mathematics for pharmacists, mathematics for health sciences, linear algebra, calculus I, II and III, advanced engineering mathematics, discrete Mathematics, ordinary differential equations, numerical analysis, college algebra.

Postgraduate Level

Applied statistics for Business, Biostatistics, Applied statistics for Arts, Seminar in advanced statistical methods, project planning and feasibility study, and supply chain management.


Research Interests

Statistical Analysis applied to Business

Economics and Social Science

Operations Research

Inventory Models

Operations and Production Management


Publications in International Refereed Journals:

•    Optimizing a Collaborative two Layer Supply Chain with Probabilistic Quality, WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on BUSINESS and ECONOMICS, 145-154, Vol. 14, 2017.
•    The Optimal Solution of a Production Model with Shortages and Raw Materials. International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Methods, 2, 13-18, 2017
•    The effects of approximating a probabilistic process using the renewal reward theorem and the optimal solution of an EOQ model with quality, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTERS IN SIMULATION, Vol. 10, 2016.
•    THE MODERATING EFFECT OF PERFORMANCE ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ETHICS AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, Journal of International Business and Economics (JIBE), Vol. 15, No.4, pp.43-48, 2015.
•    The Effects of Employee Feedback and Internal Communication on the Well-Being of an Organization: The Case of Lebanon, Journal of Academy for Advancement of Business Research, Vol. IV, No. 1, pp.107-115, 2015.
•    EFFECTS OF ETHICAL BEHAVIORS IN LEBANESE ORGANIZATIONS ON PERFORMANCE , Journal of International Management Studies, Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 91-96, 2013.
•    Short term financing for the economic order Quantity (EOQ) inventory model with probabilistic Quality. Journal of modern Accounting and Auditing, Vol. 10, No. 7, pp. 91-96, 2014.
•    Lot Sizing a Multistage Production Process, The Business Review, Cambridge, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 265-273, 2010.
•    Human Resource Management in the Middle East: Lebanese HR Practices in NGOs and the Private Sector,  S.A.M. advanced management journal, 81, no. 1, (2016): 34-40. Database: British Library Serials

Publications in Refereed Conference Proceedings:

•    Joint Probability Distribution and the Minimum of a Set of Normalized Random Variables, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 235 – 239, 2016
•    Human Resource Management Practices in the Lebanese NGOs and Private Sector, SAM 2015 International Business Conference,  Las Vegas, Nevada on March 26-29, 2015.
•    ECONOMIC ORDER QUANTITY MODEL WITH PROBABILISTIC QUALITY AND PERMISSIBLE DELAY IN PAYMENT, Society for the Advancement of Management, SAM International Business Conference , Orlando, Florida on April 3 – April 6, 2014.
•    Effects of Big Five Personality Dimensions on Job Position and Stability: Evidence from the Lebanese Banking Sector, The 2014 Orlando International Academic Conference, January 1-4, 2014.
•    EFFECTS OF ETHICAL BEHAVIORS IN LEBANESE ORGANIZATIONS ON PERFORMANCE, International Academy of Business and Economics IABE-2013 Las Vegas Conference, October 13-15 , 2013.
•    The role of internal audit function in corporate   governance: an empirical study on commercial banks in Lebanon, presented at the Academic and Business Research Institute Conference Orlando 2012.
•    The Discounted Cash Flows Of Multistage And Multicycle Production Models, Global Conference On Business And Finance (GCBF), The Institute for Business and Finance Research (IBFR), Las Vegas (2011).
•    Lot Sizing a Multistage Production Process, The Global Management & Information Technology Research Conference, New York (2010).
•    An analytical investigations of shock waves in dusty gases”, RTST 2005, Lebanese American University, pp. 101-115.
•    Scattering of internal waves by submerged circular cylinder at the surface separating two liquids each of finite depth”, RTST 2002, Lebanese American University, pp. 237-249.


1. Proposing, Organizing and conducting Several workshops

    - SAT Mathematics Preparation Course – Beirut Campus

    - SPSS Training Workshop – Beirut Campus

    - SPSS Training Workshop – Tripoli Campus

    - SPSS Training Course - Al-Imam Al-Ouzai University

2. Consulting Work

    - Consulted with students from various faculties on the statistical analysis of their research

    - Carried out statistical consulting projects individually and through team efforts

    - Guided students through all stages of their data collection and data analysis (survey design, sample selection, fieldwork, analysis)

    - Created comprehensive guidelines for editing and coding of questionnaires

    - Trained and supervised the students on the use of the statistical packages needed in their research. Packages include SPSS and the Mega Stat.

    - Assisting in preparing statistical surveys and interpreting the results.

3. Attending several international and  local  Workshops

    International Workshops   

        - Participate in the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics IPAM "Mathematics of   Social Learning" Program, University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA California, January 6 - 10, 2014.

    Local Workshops   

        - The 5 th CSR LEBANON FORUM – 26 & 27 October 2015
            “How Sustainability Enhances Brand Value and Reputation”

        - Training Courses for the enhancement of the BAU Staff-Members’ Skills, 12 hours, October 10-11, 2015.

        - Training courses for the enhancement of the BAU Staff- Members’ Skills, 21 hours, March 6- 20, 2014.


-    Best Paper Award, Global Academy of Business and Research Conference, Las Vegas, 2011: “Optimal Lot Size for  EPQ Inventory Model For Items of Different Qualities”.

-    Membership Award, International Academy of Business and Economics, Las Vegas, 2013