The areas served by the histology laboratory are:
- Applying micro-techniques for slide preparation and staining
- Slide identification of various histological slide organs and tissues
- Identification of embryology slides and embryological stages

The main instruments in the laboratory are:
- Paraffin dispenser
- Oven
- Water bath
- Rotary microtome
- Light Microscopes
- Fridge

Lab Supervisor: Rena Salhab
Ext:                      4430/4017
The Biochemistry Laboratory offers a facility to apply knowledge and skills in topics related to biochemistry field as well as to the molecular and cellular biology designed for biology and biochemistry undergraduate students. In addition, the Biochemistry Laboratory is a reference laboratory for health sciences students where clinical chemistry sciences are being covered. Topics include:
- Standard biochemical experiments including identification of biomolecules such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins 
and nucleotides. 
- Advanced biochemical techniques related to enzymology, metabolism, separation of biomolecules by extraction, 
chromatography and electrophoresis
- Molecular and cellular biology experiments including DNA,RNA and protein extraction and manipulation, PCR, 
bacterial transformation 
- Clinical chemistry tests where a wide range of diagnostic tests on blood and urine samples are being conducted. 

These tests most of the disorders related to carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, metabolic disorders involving electrolytes, and diseases associated to liver, cardiac and renal dysfunction.



The main instruments used in the laboratory are:
- Centurion Centrifuges and microcentrifuge- Visible Spectrophotometer
- PCR machine
- UV-transilluminator
- Horizontal and vertical electrophoresis systems
- Drying Oven 
- Digital Balance
- Water Bath
- pH meter

Lab Supervisor: Hayaa Hussein
Ext: 4028
The topics covered by the microbiology laboratory are:
- Bacterial slide identification and  slide stain
- Water analysis
- Food analysis
- Bacterial growth
- Bacterial count
- Biochemical tests for bacterial analysis
- Bacterial preservation
- Blood smear preparation
- Hematocrit


The instruments in the lab are:
- Light  microscopes
- Water bath
- Distilled water machine
- Spectrophotometer
- Centrium Microcentrifuge 
- Centrium Centrifuge 
- Incubator
- Fridge
- Incubator shaker 
- pH meter
- Autoclave 

Lab Supervisor: Fatima El Mched 
Ext:                    4015

The zoology laboratory provides the students a suitable environment to develop a detailed understanding of the animal kingdom by exploring the physical, morphological and physiological characteristics of animals. The laboratory presents through its instrumentations an ideal place for undergraduate students to study the histology of various cells, tissues and organs.  



In the laboratory, various topics are covered and include:
- Collection and preservation of  animal species
- Dissection of vertebrates and invertebrates animals
- Exploration of the general anatomy of animals from different phyla through various slide examination and observation of animal specimens preserved in the laboratory
- Application of micro-techniques for slide preparation and staining through fixation, embedding and sectioning.
- Slide identification of various histological slide tissues and organ sections
- Identification of embryological slides and embryological stages

You can find the following instruments in the laboratory:
- Light Microscopes
- Paraffin dispenser
- Drying Oven
- Rotary microtome
- Water Bath
- Fridge

Lab Supervisor: Rena Salhab
Ext:                    4430/4017