Members 2015/2016

Advisory Committee Members
Prof. Khaled Zahraman Deputy in the Lebanese Parliament
Prof. Mazen El-khatib - Professor at the Faculty of Science, Lebanese University (3rd
Branch), Tripoli
-Former Dean of the Faculty of Education, Lebanese University
Prof. Bilal Nsouli Director of Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, CNRSL
Prof. Fawzi Kabbara Executive Director, Kabbara and Associates - Management Consultants
Engineer Salam Yamout Coordinator of European Projects at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Grand Sérail - Beirut)
Engineer Michel Antoine Afram President/Director General, Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, Lebanon
Engineer Sami Slim Technical Director, IDS (Integrated Digital Systems)
Engineer El-Sheikh Mohamad Alaya Hydropower plant Manager, EDL (Electricité du Liban)
Mr. Abed Agha Founder of Vinelab Company
Engineer Habib Haddad Founder of Wamda Company
Engineer Jamal Anouti CEO, Vanrise Company