Under the patronage of Minister of Education H.E. Mr. Marwan Hamadeh, the Faculty of Science at Beirut Arab University organized the “First Conference on Research and Innovation” for students at Arab Schools and Universities at Debbieh Campus. The conference was attended by representatives from the universities of Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Poland and Germany, in addition to 12 universities and 23 schools from the various Lebanese Regions. Five hundred students from Arab Schools and Universities participated in the conference and presented 250 abstracts for Lectures, Posters and Scientific Projects. The topics of the conference focused on modern scientific topics, including environmental treatment, robotics, renewable energy, nanoscale materials, drug exploration, industrial and pharmaceutical microbiology, corrosion control, new materials and biomedical sciences as well as three workshops which shed light on the topics presented. Minister Marwan Hamadeh, represented by the General Director of Higher Education- Ministry of Education and Higher Education Dr. Ahmed Al-Jammal, delivered a speech believing that BAU’s quality track has been effected on more than one level, and is attracting minds, organizing conferences and encouraging students to experiment with research that allows them to discover their intellectual and creative abilities. In turn, Dean of Faculty of Science Professor Ramadan Awad considered this conference the first of its kind as it is held at a Lebanese University, bringing together school and university students, postgraduates, industrialists and innovators in Lebanon. This conference, for Professor Awad, represents a distinguished partnership with schools and universities to develop the scientific research system. BAU President Professor Amr Galal Al-Adawi stressed the aspiration to employ the university facilities, capabilities and programs at the service of the community, reflecting sustainable community development in all sectors, from supporting students and graduates to be pioneers of science and development characterized by a distinguished, competitive, academic personality -- the personality of an initiator, researcher, knowledge-maker, and an experienced administrator. For two days, a scientific committee including professors from various Lebanese and Egyptian Universities examined the topics and 23 awards were distributed as follows: • Seven Scholarships for High School Students • Four financial Awards for Grade 7, 8 and 9 school students presented by Beirut Arab University, Lebanon Fund for Development and Innovation, Banque Misr Lebanon and the Federation of North Iqlim El Kharroub Municipalities • Three awards for best Oral Presentation for Graduate Students • Three awards for best Oral Presentation for Undergraduate Students • Three awards for best Poster Presentation for Graduate Students • Three awards for best Poster Presentation for Undergraduate Students However, ten travel awards were presented at the opening ceremony for winners from the Arab countries as 30 researchers applied to the competition and the winners were selected in accordance with the mechanism announced in advance on the conference website. On the other hand, the Faculty of Science at Beirut Arab University – Tripoli Branch participated in this conference through 26 Projects distributed on the following Departments : Biological Sciences – Mathematics and Physics and harvested the following awards: - Abeer Chouk- 2nd Year Mathematics under the supervision of Dr. Maher Jounaid. The Project was entitled “On solving the fractional Newell – Whitehead – Segel equation using the conformable reduced differential transform method”. - The Team of the Student Rayan Farha ( Sarah Mbayyed and Mazhar Issa) 3rd Year Biological Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Tarek Houry and Dr. Bilal Osta. The Project was entitled “Multiple Factors Increased “Narghile” Consumption among Teenagers in North Lebanon Tripoli”. - Student Samia Samad – 1st Year Ph.D. Physics under the supervision of Dr. Salem Marhaba. The Project was entitled “Extinction cross-section of Palladium nanoparticles chains”.