The Coding and Robotics National Tour for North Region was organised at BAU -Tripoli Campus, in collaboration with two online platforms “Cherpa” & “Teens Who Code”. Over 85 Students ranging from 8 to 18 years old from different Northern public and private schools enjoyed a fun educational day, as they participated in different activities and workshops to gain basic programming and robotics skills. The event- which included seven interactive different workshops- was opened by a welcoming speech from Ms. Nala Makkouk, the Public Relations officer at Tripoli Campus. After that, speeches were delivered by Prof. Khaled Baghdady, Vice president for Tripoli Branch Affairs at BAU, Dr. Abdalla Chakik; Assistant professor at Faculty of Science- Department of Computer Science, Followed by brief explanations from “Cherpa” and “Teens Who Code” representatives about the Coding and Robotics National Tour.