The Faculty of Pharmacy at Beirut Arab University organised its third conference “Towards Best Pharmacy Practices” and inaugurated its Third Forum on Advancing Pharmacy Education in the Middle East and the Gulf Region with the participation of a number of international speakers and academics from Lebanon, Canada, Europe and the Arab countries and in the presence of a large crowd of Lebanese academic and professional pharmacists.

The two-day conference was attended by President of Beirut Arab University Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houry, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt Nazih Al-Najari and President of the Order of Pharmacists of Lebanon Dr. Georges Sili.

In his speech, Professor El-Adawi said that the faculty conference comes in line with revolutionising the concept of practicing pharmacy in the recent years which can only be achieved through the effective participation of pharmacists in the health care system. He stressed the importance of developing pharmaceutical education, as well as the establishing a constant interdisciplinary dialogue between pharmacists and academics to achieve this end. For him, priority must be given to updating the academic curricula and regulations to equip students with the skills and competences necessary for the modern practice of the profession.

The Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Professor Abdallah El-Lakany said, in his speech, that professional practices should be developed in order to place the pharmacist appropriately among the members of the medical team and benefit from his expertise and skills, which enable him to play a vital role in the field of health care and achieve a significant reduction in the health bill at the national level. The Dean also pointed out the need to introduce continuing education programs that are carefully designed, formulated and set to achieve the greatest benefit for the pharmacists.

During the opening ceremony, Professor Wayne Hindmarsh, Executive Director of the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP), handed over the international accreditation certificate for the undergraduate program at the Faculty of Pharmacy to President Professor El-Adawi. According to the CCAPP certificate, the Faculty of Pharmacy obtained International Accreditation of its Academic Program for five years.

The participants recommended the necessity to activate the role of the pharmacists in all of the profession fields through the adoption of modern pharmaceutical practices to ensure the provision of optimal and safe treatment for patients. Also, they advised that the curricula of the Faculties of Pharmacy should be developed to include active, self-centred and problem-solving learning methods which help develop students' personal and practical skills, emphasizing the importance of applying modern methods of student assessment.