“Food Safety” is one of the major problems faced in Lebanon whereby Large numbers of food poisoning cases occur with minimal reporting cases and governmental responses which implies the urgent need to experts’ advices. The “Farmer to Farmer Middle East and North Africa” (F2F MENA), implemented by the “Land O'Lakes International Development” and funded by USAID, hosted a workshop entitled “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” held at Beirut Arab University and organized by Dr. Nada Darra, Assistant Professor of Food Engineering at the Faculty of Health Sciences. During the workshop, three Food Safety Experts from the United States of America, Jeff Balouzek, Julie Ware and Maria Skora, in addition to representatives from the ministries of Agriculture, Economy and Industry, representatives from some Food Industries and from the LARI Laboratory lectured on this subject targeting the students at the M.Sc. level (Msc in Food Safety and Analysis). The workshop focused on the basic food safety theoretical background needed to implement those principles. This proposed Assignment is to be considered as the first part in a two-phases Program that will provide students with both the theoretical and practical hands on application of HACCP principles in the food manufacturing industry in Lebanon. However, the followed planned assignments will allow the students to gain both the theoretical knowledge, and the practical experience that will enable them to tackle different food safety issues faced by the local Lebanese food industry, in addition to increase the awareness of food safety principles and their practical implementation.