For the Occasion of the centennial foundation of Czechoslovakia and the independence of Slovakia and the Czech Republics in 1993, Beirut Arab University organised a cultural celebration in cooperation with the embassies of Slovakia and the Czech Republics in Lebanon to shed light on the culture of both countries. The event was attended by the President of the International Tribunal for Lebanon the Czech Judge Ivana Hrdličková, Ambassador of the Check Republic to Lebanon Michaela Fronkova, Ambassador of Slovakia to Lebanon Lubomir Macko, BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houri, Faculty Deans, Director of the Public Relations Administration Ms. Zina Ariss, as well as university students and administrative staff. After the National Anthems of Lebanon, Slovakia and the Czech Republics, colleague Nadine Koleilat launched the celebration, noting "the yearning of the Czechs and Slovaks for their independence and living in sovereign states while maintaining the friendly relations that bring the two peoples together.” "This celebration comes in line with the university vision and belief in cultural exchange that strengthens its relations with its surroundings," Koleilat continued. Both the Czech and Slovak Ambassadors spoke about their countries’ civilization and history, pointing out "the archaeological and tourist attractions in both countries, the educational sector, as well as the importance of universities and how to join them." Professor El-Adawi affirmed "the leading role of the university as related to the community, the development of international relations and the exchange of students with major international universities." El-Adawi also spoke about "the importance of this celebration that entails cultural cooperation, thus strengthening the relations between us and leading to academic and cultural exchange." The celebration also featured short films about both countries and their common and mutual culture, as well as a performance of some Czech, Slovakian and Lebanese songs by Roy Saab from La Demeure Des Musese Academy. The first celebration of this event was organized at BAU-Tripoli Campus and was attended by former MPs Mesbah Al-Ahdab and Kassim Abdul Aziz, North Lebanon Governor Ramzi Nahra, President of the Lebanese Dental Association-Tripoli, North of Lebanon Dr. Rola Dib, Mayor of Tripoli Municipality Ahmad Kamareddine, Mayor of Al-Mina Municipality Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine, BAU Vice-President for Tripoli Campus Professor Khaled Baghdadi, and Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Mohammad Hamoud. Presenting the celebration in Tripoli, Ms. Nala Makkouk assured that "cultural diversity helps people recognize and respect the various ways of living so bridges of trust and cooperation can be built across cultures.” Makkouk also stressed the “significance of this event as it informs us of the independence of both countries from what formerly was called the Czechoslovak state.” The celebration concluded at both campuses with a photo exhibition that tells about the tourist and archaeological sites in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.