The Students of the Faculty of Architecture-Design and Built Environment at BAU-Tripoli Campus won the first place in the best engineering design for the rehabilitation and beautification of Al-Koura Square competition in Tripoli, which was sponsored by the Municipality of Tripoli, the Order of Engineers and Architects in Tripoli and the “Tripoli Above All” Gathering. The competition included presenting alternatives to the restoration and coordination of the archaeological facades in the area in addition to developing and marking the green area surrounding the Square, offering solutions to the problems of traffic congestion, parking lots and waste disposal. The best three projects prepared by the students of the Faculty of Architecture from various Lebanese universities were selected. BAU came first followed by Kaslik University in the second place and Balamnad University in the third. BAU group, supervised by Dr. Mari Nabil Felix, consisted of third-year Architecture students Abdul Salam Osman, Zahi Adra, Mohammad Fatfat, Sara Badra, Nabil Kanj, Ghofran Okdeh, Ali Naser, Malak Ghemrawi, Sara El Mir, Rim Sabsabi and Nahla Shehade.