The Public Relations Administration at Beirut Arab University organized an event shed the light on the history of Beirut and dealt with its Social, Cultural and Artistic Aspects. The event took place at Jamal Abdel Nasser Hall- Beirut Campus. During the event, a Seminar was held and moderated by Professor Hassan Hallak who mentioned the richness which was witnessed in Beirut due to its customs and special traditions, in addition to some legacies. The First Speaker in the Seminar was Professor Amin Farchoukh who is specialized in Expressions and Proverbs of old Beirut, spoke about the origins of the Proverbs , Expressions and Phrases. Second Speaker was Mr. Abdel Fattah Khattab who dealt in his intervention about “Hajj Daoud” Coffee Shop and the role of Coffee Shops at that times in manufacturing the Public Opinion Decisions. He focused on the “Narrator” who used to be present in these Coffee Shops and how all people used to wait and listen to him. The Third Speaker in this Seminar was Mr. Mohamad Krayyem who explained the Situation in old Beirut in relation with the Lebanese Cultural Scene particularly in the Theater, Radio and Television. The event was culminated by a cocktail reception at the Hall included many famous Sweets and drinks related to the origin of Beirut.