Jean Obeid Commencement Keynote Speaker : He Who Taught me a Character Rendered me a Freeman 
BAU graduated the fourth class of 354 graduates of the Tripoli Campus, distributed among the Faculties of Business Administration, Architecture-Design& Built Environment, Engineering, Science and Health Sciences.
The event was attended by Professor Amr Galal El Adawi BAU President, Staff, ex-Minister Mr. Jean Obeid Keynote Speaker of the ceremony as well as a crowd of prominent political, economic, municipality, religious and social figures in the North.
Ms. Nala Makouk, the Public Relations Officer in Tripoli Campus, introduced the event, addressing the graduates who “aspire a bright future in which they are motivated by self-sacrifice and spirit”,  pointing out that the university “is a vast field for refining the personality and developing it for a better world and a creative society.”
The graduates’ speech was delivered by Yasser Al Masri who promised that “as long as we are alive, the university will remain a green crown on our heads and a lighthouse that stands out at the shores of Lebanon”.

Prof. Amr El Adawi, BAU President, congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to "adhere to the values planted by the university in them, which contributes to the renaissance of society,” noting that “the academic institutions have always been a locomotive for the advancement of people and the renaissance of nations, bequeathing science and thought to generations and resulting in capitals which blossom in their shadows and cities that are built all around.”

Prof. Adawi stated that the university was the first to obtain institutional accreditation as a university that adopts the best principles of governance in its work mechanisms. BAU has always been keen to keep pace with the present era towards the concepts of quality and excellence in education and scientific research as well as commitment to social responsibilities. BAU also ensures that the programs of its faculties in Tripoli Campus received International Accreditation such as the bachelor's, master's and doctorate programs at the Faculties of Business Administration and Architecture- Design & Built Environment which was claimed to deserve accreditation by the international accreditation body RIBA. However, BAU is working  on the validity of the accreditation of the other programs at the Faculty of Health Sciences in Tripoli Campus.
The Keynote Speaker of the event, ex-Minister Mr. Jean Obeid, stated that “since its establishment, year after year and a batch after another, BAU has been moving forward confidently, though slowly, and majestically”. “I would like to recall that this university was the result of a historic decision by the late President Jamal Abdel Nasser. It was also a lever for knowledge and education in Egypt and the Arab world,” Obeid continued. 
For Obeid, “the successful teacher is a permanent student and the successful student is his/her own teacher. If previously it was said he who taught me a character rendered me his slave, now we say he who taught me a character rendered me a freeman and a fellow as he freed me from ignorance and lifted me to his ranks.”

Afterwards, the President of the University Prof. Amr El Adawi presented Minister Obeid the BAU Honorary Shield, which was followed by the distribution of the certificates to the graduates.