Beirut Arab University launched its first batch of 42 Petroleum Engineers during its Grand Annual commencement ceremony that was held on Thursday June 28, 2018 at Debbieh Campus. This batch comes as one of BAU’s priorities to follow up on Lebanon's academic and service needs, which revealed the vital role in guiding students towards this specialization through holding many activities at Beirut and Debbieh Campuses such as “Scientific Seminars” and the “Job Fair” to highlight the local market’s need for this profession and procure jobs for the graduates. Upon sensing the need for petroleum engineers in Lebanon, it became necessary to launch this major at BAU during “Fall 2013” after obtaining the necessary legal licenses. The program has a wide range of disciplines, including exploration and drilling, reservoir and production engineering, as well as courses in petrochemical and crude oil refining. For further academic professionalism, the Chemical Engineering Program was inaugurated in the Academic Year 2016-2017 to become the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. In this regard, and being the first to launch this program in Lebanon, Beirut Arab University has been exerting every effort to make this specialization a success. With time, the need to coordinate with the administrative and governmental bodies (petroleum sector) and oil studies centers became urgent in order to activate the academic role and encourage continuous communication with these bodies. Therefore, the department conducts ongoing workshops and periodic seminars to shed more light on this field in Lebanon. To this end, some of the most important figures have been hosted to update our students with the latest developments in this field. The Faculty also ensures that the main objective is to prepare the Lebanese Engineer in order to supply the local and international markets with highly qualified human cadres. In this sense, the Faculty establishes partnerships with international oil companies around the world. Among the faculty’s achievements after the launch of the program was obtaining membership as a branch of the International Society of Petroleum Engineers, which greatly helps in the field of studies and procuring job opportunities later. For these reasons, there is ongoing contact with International Oil Companies and European Universities to ensure the training of our students and to obtain donations, the most important of which were advanced computer simulation programs in the field of oil field development. Also, the Faculty guarantees the active participation of its teaching staff and students in many local and international oil conferences. This resulted in coming first in Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Conference ADIPEC 2017 with the participation of 16 renowned universities and 8 oil countries.