The Public Relations Administration at Beirut Arab University organized the Arabic Recitation Contest under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Ghattas Khoury, Minister of Culture represented by Prof. Mohamed Amin Farshoukh. The event was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Lebanon Dr. Ali Amiri, First Advisor to the Embassy of the State of Palestine, Maher Misheal, Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of BAU, Dr. Omar Houri, BAU Secretary General, the Deans, Staff-members, , as well as BAU directors, Ms. Zina Ariss, Director of Public Relations, and a large crowd of students and the families of the contestants. The competition was entitled “The Arab Nationality between Sufficiency and the Search for Alternatives” with 15 participants from the following universities: BAU, the Lebanese University, AUB, LAU, Sagesse University, NDU, City University, and Jinan University. This year, the jury was consisted of Poet Henri Zoghaib, Journalist Abido Basha and Actress Aida Sabra. The National Anthem and the BAU Anthem were played, followed by a briefing of the competition rules. Ms. Rima Chehab presented the event, stressing the fact that "It is the problem of the Arab nationality which we gain by birth and support with feelings of loyalty and belonging until life becomes difficult to bear, so we are driven to travel or move away. This is when the challenge begins, which restricts our lives and deprives us of our basic rights." Prof. Mohamed Amin Farshoukh spoke about the importance of language in general as it is one of the most important human and social characteristics of mankind. It is the best way to express the feelings and needs of the individual and the community, noting the contributions of Beirut Arab University through its constant interest in conducting such contests to make it clear that Classical Arabic is our superior way of communication, rivalry and proficiency. In his speech, Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of BAU declared that BAU had always been keen in selecting the subjects of the Arabic Recitation Contests which contribute in viewing of the Youth thinking. It also aimed at increasing the level of the Oral Performance of the Youth, the ability of their discussion in the Arabic eloquent language, emphasizing on the importance of maintaining the Arabic Language. The 15 contestants next delivered their presentations in Classical Arabic, benefiting from the comments of the jury who asked a number of questions, followed by the final decision. Dalia Zaidan from NDU won the first place, receiving $3000 while Issam Amro, from Sagesse University won the second prize of $2000. The third prize of $1000 was won by Rawan Halabi from BAU. The event concluded with the honouring of the contestants and the jury-members by presenting them shields of Appreciation. Prof. El Adawi also presented HE Minister Khoury represented by Prof. Mohamed Amin Farshoukh with BAU Honorary Shield.