The Faculty of Human Sciences at Beirut Arab University organized its first conference on “Arabic Language and Contemporary Linguistics Impact and Influence” over two days in Beirut campus with the participation of university professors, linguists and researchers from Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Jordan and Sudan.

The opening ceremony was attended by BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, HE Fouad Seniora, Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic His Eminence Sheikh Abdel Latif Derian represented by Dr. Wafik Hijazi, former Egyptian Minister of Culture Professor Jaber Asfour, Secretary General of the International Council for Arabic Language Professor Ali Moussa, Minister Akram Chehayeb represented by Mr. Ghassan Shakroun, Minister Gibran Bassil represented by Mr. Wissam Kalakesh, Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Lebanon Mr. Ashraf Dabour represented by Mr. Maher Mishael, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Lebanon Mr. Mohamed Karin, Cultural Attaché of the Republic of Iraq in Lebanon Professor Suhail Najm Abdullah, Cultural Counselor at the Embassy of Morocco Dr. Wafaa Omrani and a crowd of interested audience.

Former Egyptian Minister of Culture Dr. Jaber Asfour stressed in his speech that " the issue of Arabic language is of particular importance in the context of contemporary transformations, especially in relation to the challenges imposed on this language and on the speakers of the modern sciences whose inventions are increasing day by day, producing an enormous abundance of terminology associated with the language of advanced countries that contribute more than others to the development of science, as well as the quantitative and qualitative addition that help speed up the wheel of inventions.”

President El-Adawi said that the conference emphasised "the importance of enhancing the knowledge and scientific integration among the Arabic language specialists in order to raise the level of awareness and interest in serving the language and to promote scientific efforts to address the challenges facing Arabic, being the language of heritage, identity and originality in the fields of research and education. The conference also stimulates creativity in scientific research and successful experiments that deal with Arabic language and its issues to help preserve and upgrade it.”

Professor Moussa maintained that "Arabic is a real investment in the individuals’ intellectual abilities and skills and, as per the concept of human capital, the more skills and abilities individuals have, the more they are able to create and innovate. Investing in Arabic language has a market which is more important than that of English and if actually invested, it leads to considerable gains at the present time.”

Dean of Faculty of Human Sciences Professor Mayssa El-Nayal pointed out that “Arabic language is not limited to keeping pace with the scientific and technical progress that has erupted in the last century. Arabic has carried the torch of science and knowledge for a long time and the dawn of modern science is indebted in its origins to the sciences of the Arabs."

"BAU President has assigned Arabic language as a university requirement course, believing in the importance of upgrading the language. The university has also dedicated an annual competition to Arabic speech in which university students in Lebanon compete to promote and preserve the language,” El-Nayal continued.

The celebration opened with the Lebanese and BAU anthems and presented by media figure Sara Al-Haf who stated that "Arabic has its roots in history, so it helped build our knowledge and expand our intellect, and engraved a lifestyle for humanity.”