The Faculty of Architecture-Design and Built Environment at BAU, together with the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalonia (IAAC(, signed a cooperation agreement with “Solidere” to present the architectural product of the Global Summer School (GSS) which will be conducted at the Modern Digital Manufacturing Laboratory - Faculty of Architecture. The IAAC Global Summer School provides a two-week intensive course during which students gain theoretical and practical knowledge in design and digital manufacturing through a group of professors and specialists. The course also includes a series of lectures by a number of renowned academics and international experts. This program coincides with similar programs in many cities around the world, including Paris, New York and Barcelona. The course will be held at the Digital Manufacturing Laboratory at the Faculty of Architecture-Design and Built Environment at BAU Debbieh Campus. This laboratory is first of its kind in Lebanon and has recently been equipped with state-of-the-art technological and digital processing tools such as the KUKA Robotic Arm with a range of 2.7 meters as well as CNC drilling machines, laser cutting machines and three-dimensional printing. “Solidere” provides the site for presenting the architectural product of this Summer School in Beirut -- a move that reflects the company's keenness to contribute to the development of architecture and the interaction of passers-by with distinctive and attractive places within the city.