Awarding him the Title of "Spring of All Arts"

The Public Relations Administration at Beirut Arab University organised its “Success Story” event for the 6th year in a row with Hussein Fahmi, the Egyptian Actor and Artist, as a guest for this year. The event was attended by BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, MPs Dr. Ammar Houri and Dr. Khaled Zahraman, Egyptian Ambassador H.E. Nazih Najjari, BAU family, students and a crowd of Lebanese and Arab Media Figures.

As with every year, BAU concludes its cultural season with this event by honoring the success of distinguished personalities. This year, Artist Hussein Fahmy engaged the audience with his humanitarian, personal and practical experiences after a long journey full of successful cinematic works, plays and series that were characterized by mimicking real-life and humanitarian issues of interest to all Arabs.

In the form of a TV Dialogue, the event was held at Jamal Abdel Nasser Hall- Beirut Campus and moderated by the Director of Public Relations Administration Ms. Zina Ariss. In her opening speech, Ms. Ariss presented his most successful works, pointing out that he "understood his art from the director’s, actor’s and man’s point of view which rendered him a comprehensive artist who conveyed his thoughts as meaningful humanitarian messages.” She added the title of "the Spring of All Arts" to the tens of titles Fahmy has already had during his artistic career.

Fahmy talked about his childhood as well as his aristocratic upbringing and how the difference in life style between Egypt and the United States refined his personality and made him more determined to achieve the goals he sought as he moved from directing to acting. He recalled his role in the movie "The Bullet is Still in my Pocket", pointing out that he played it with passion and loyalty in addition to many other national roles which he performed with conviction and harmony, indicating his rejection of the belief that the actor should have no stand concerning the events surrounding him despite the fact that taking any political position would decrease the number of the actor’s fans.

Moreover, he pointed out that that he strove to perform some of his composite roles through field visits to many sites to examine the environment in which the role was played.

As for his private life, Fahmi revealed that his marriages were many, hoping to meet the real love he dreams of without mixing between acting and everyday life. He refused any circulations concerning the decline of the Egyptian Drama in the last decade, stressing its authenticity and ability to reach every Arab house, and attacking the Turkish Drama, which he described as cheap and conveys ineffectual ideas to the communities.

Encouraging all young talents, Fahmy refused to name young actors whom he could see as prospective Hussein Fahmy or Souad Hosni, advising all young people interested in the field of art to soar with their ideas but maintain their humility.

On his love for Lebanon and Beirut, Fahmi recalled his summer visits to Lebanon during his childhood and youth, pointing to the friendly ties that his family has with the most important political families in Lebanon.

The meeting featured a distinguished film summarizing Fahmy's successes throughout his career, and concluded with President El-Adawi presenting him with BAU Honorary Shield.

On the side lines, Fahmi responded to the journalists' questions through a Press Conference held after the event, thanking them for the love they had shown him and thanked BAU for it successful organisation of this event.