The Faculty of Health Sciences at Beirut Arab University-Tripoli Campus organized an awareness-raising activity entitled "A Healthy Lifestyle during Childhood, a Great Reward in Adulthood", in cooperation with the Health Sector of the Arab Union for Specialized Women. About 150 middle-school students from various Public Schools in Dennieh District participated in this activity. This Awareness Campaign aimed to fight obesity among children by raising their awareness towards the components of healthy food and the nutrients necessary for the health, growth, and protection against diseases. The activity was held at the Social Welfare Compound in Seer Dennieh and included an interactive lecture given by students of the Nutrition Department at Beirut Arab University, presenting the risk factors that lead to obesity, healthy eating patterns and types of sports suitable for this age group. They also discussed the importance of having breakfast and the need to stick to three meals during the day. The lecture was followed by a game in which the school students were divided into groups to examine their understanding of the information presented to them in an entertaining and informative way. The activity ended with the distribution of prizes to the participants.