Advancing Systems, Science and Technology Joint interdisciplinary seminar at BAU
Beirut Arab University, in collaboration with scientists from the International Council for Science (ICSU) program, have jointly organized this interdisciplinary seminar, “Urban Health and Wellbeing: Advancing Systems, Science and Technology,” for the purposes of exchange of knowledge and planning of future collaboration. 
The event was opened by the seminar coordinator Prof. Dr. Ibtihal El-Bastawissi Dean of Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment, who welcomed the guests, and enlightened the seminar aims in increasing awareness of these issues and defining future actions for the study of regional urban health and wellbeing using a systems approach. 
President of Beirut Arab University Prof.  Amr Galal El Adawi, highlighted the importance of health as a cross-cutting and integrating factor for sustainable urban development.
The event was held in presence of seminar committee members Prof. Mayssah el Nayal Dean of Faculty of Human Sciences, prof. Ramadan Awad Dean of Faculty of Science, Prof. Najlaa Mashaal Dean of Faculty of Medicine, and Professor Hania Nakkash Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.
The first session of the seminar included five presentations for the honor guests, Prof. Peter Head, Prof. Céline Rozenblat, Dr. Franz W. Gatzweiler, Mr. José Siri, Prof. Saroj Jayasinghe, and Prof. Dr. Hany Ayad. After that the second session of the seminar started by round-tables workshop session for 2hours.