Aiming to enhance cultural exchange, the Public Relations Department at BAU invites a country which has close ties with Lebanon for a day on campus. This year and with the cooperation with the Turkish Cultural Center “Beyrut Yunnus Emre Enstitusu”, and the “Jil Al Mustakbal Dernegi”, organized the “Turkish Day” on campus in Beirut. The event was organized under the patronage of the Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Cagatay Erciyes, and was attended by Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of BAU; Dr. Omar Houri, BAU Secretary General; representatives of the security authorities; BAU staff-members, students and graduates; Ms. Zina Ariss, Director of the Public Relations Administration; in addition to a large crowd of interested people, members of the Turkish community in Lebanon as well as Turkish societies.
The day opened with the National Anthems of Lebanon and Turkey, as well as the BAU Anthem. Mr.  Bilal Daaboul, welcomed the audience and pointed out the importance of the day in throwing light on aspects shared by Lebanon and Turkey. Prof. Adawi spoke next, indicating that the importance of the day lies in that it reflects the cultural of dialogue among peoples. At the same time it reiterates the strong relations and the cultural and scientific exchange with Turkey.
In his word, Ambassador Cagatay Erciyes expressed his appreciation of the University and its Administration in organizing the event, hoping that it would be a good start for further scientific and cultural cooperation.
Adawi and the Turkish Ambassador, then, officially inaugurated the day, by opening the Ottoman Firmans Exhibition. The guests also toured the various booths, where food, ice-cream, Turkish coffee, “Ebru” water paintings, and Turkish folk dolls and dervishes were offered. There were also Turkish folk dances performed by the students in accompaniment of the members of the Turkish community.