For the tenth consecutive year, Beirut Arab University organized “Job Fair 2017” at Beirut Campus. The event was held under the patronage of HE Mohammad Kabbara, Minister of Labor, represented by Mr. Adel Zebian, with the participation of 66 engineering, medical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, banking, touristic, real estate and education institutions. The event was attended by Brigadier General Joseph Gharib, representing the Army Commander General Joseph Aoun; Prof. Amr Gala El Adawi, President of BAU; Dr. Omar Houri, BAU Secretary-General; the deans, BAU directors, and a large crowd of students and graduates.
The Fair aimed at connecting the students and graduates with the job-market through direct contact between the students and the representatives of participating institutions. The students submitted copies of their CVs, and learnt from the representatives the various criteria and requirements needed for a job-opportunity in their field of specialization.
The Fair also provided the students with insights in the experiences of some of the most prominent alumni who told the students of their careers and how they had entered the job-market.
The event opened with the Lebanese National Anthem and the BAU Anthem, followed by welcoming speeches by Sandi Shaaban and Amthal Hakim. Then Prof. Adel Kurdi, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the Head of the “Job Fair” Organizing Committee gave a speech in which he maintained that the objectives of the Fair are relevant to building the students’ professional personality. He also highlighted the good news received by the University when its graduates assume important positions on the Lebanese and the Arab job-markets.
Prof. Kurdi also called upon the private and the public sectors to bring Lebanon to the economic, scientific and cultural shores of safety. He also thanked all those who contributed towards the success of the Fair.
Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of BAU, highlighted the importance of the Fair in providing the students with a preliminary perception of the challenges that await them, in terms of the variety of opportunities. The University is keen on keeping abreast with these through the enhancement of quality in all programs, with the aim of graduating promising generations. He also called upon the participating organizations to review students’ projects which can be made use of to enrich the job-market.
HE Minister Kabbara’s speech was delivered by his representative, Mr. Adel Zebian, who thanked the University for its efforts in introducing the students to the job-market. He also called upon the students not to give up despite all challenges and hard times affecting the job-market. He further stressed on the priority to qualify efficient generations for the job-market.
After presenting the Shield of Appreciation to the Minister’s Representative, BAU President and family announced the opening of the “Job Fair 2017” followed by a tour to all the participating Booths.