Beirut Arab University inaugurated the "Rifaat Nemer" Trading Room which was fully equipped by the First National Bank (FNB) and allocated by the University administration at the Faculty of Business Administration to be a specialized financial laboratory for university students that contributes to the development of the skills and capabilities of the concerned staff in the Lebanese banking system.
Ex-minister Bechara Merhej and Chairman of the Banking Control Commission of Lebanon Mr. Samir Hammoud attended the event in addition to Businessmen, Bankers, Economists, Financial Market Managers, Experts and Media Professionals. The event was also attended by the University President, Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, a delegation of the bank cadres headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager Mr. Rami Nimer, as well as a crowd of BAU students, and administrative and academic staff.
In his speech, Professor El-Adawi President of BAU, noted the biography of the late Rifaat Nimer as well as his achievements and valuable contributions to students at the various stages of education and to many charitable, social and educational institutions. Such generosity has continued with his son Rami and his family. Professor El Adawi also praised the accomplishment of the room and the agreement on some subsequent crucial steps that would establish the fruitful cooperation between Beirut Arab University and First National Bank Group.
In his speech, Mr. Nimer stated: "The raising of Rifaat Nimer’s name in this great academic organization is a tribute to a whole generation of fighters and dreamers who believe they are capable of breaking up the rocks while today, in fact, we live in a very difficult Arab era. However, in the global and humanitarian realm, we live in a time of incredible scientific progress in all fields of science and knowledge. We, as human beings, have equal rights to take advantage of renewable technology very quickly. We, as banking institutions, and at FNB, will always support the institutions of education and knowledge with more encouraging and meaningful initiatives, including our current projects, as part of our commitment to social responsibility. The bank's identity, we believe, is not limited to the task of managing money as related to saving, financing and investment, but an integration with other economic, developmental and social tasks.”  added El-Nimer.
FNB General Manager Mr. Najeeb Semaan praised the completion of this room which is fully equipped according to the most updated criteria in the field to be the practical and hands-on support that helps students in their early exploration of the implementation mechanisms of transactions and processes in the vital financial sector. The room shall also have a training function in the development of the concerned employees’ skills. The Bank Group will also allow students to be briefed and trained on the live financial operations of the Middle East Capital Group, an independent financial company within the FNB Group.
In turn, Dean of Faculty of Business Administration Professor Nehale Mustafa stated that the trading room represents a distinctive example of cooperation between the business sector and universities. This room shall contribute to the achievement of the university mission as it seeks to serve the Lebanese society and develop the human capital. She explained that the room will be available to guide anyone wishing to have trading skills in the financial market and to train employees from all banks and students from all universities in Lebanon.
BAU is also in the process of signing an agreement with FNB to provide a triannual  training program held in this room in cooperation with the bank's experts and faculty members.