The Faculty of Health Sciences- the Physiotherapy Department at Beirut Arab University harvested the First Place for their Research submitted at the “Scientific Research for Better Practice” along with three Researches. This winning came through the participation of the Faculty Team supervised by the Head of the Physiotherapy Department Dr. Ibtissam Saab in the “First Students International Conference” for Scientific Research that was held in Cairo under the title of “Scientific Research for Better Practice”. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Natural Therapy- Cairo University in collaboration with the “Association for the Faculties and Collages  for Physiotherapy and Natural Therapy”. The Conference was attended by the Dean of the Natural Therapy at Cairo University Professor Alaa Balbaa and the Deans of the participating Faculties, Specialists in this field, Researchers and Academics from the different participating Arab Countries.
The conference presented thirty four Students’ Researches  submitted by ten Universities to the jury, four researches won the first place in which Beirut Arab University was one of these four winners. The winning Research was submitted by BAU Team dealt with the “Impact of Therapy Exercises on Blood Pressure Levels”.