For the sixth consecutive year, the Human Rights Center at BAU organized, in collaboration with the UNESCO, the NGO’s Fair on campus in Beirut, entitled this year “the UN Sustainable Development Goals”.
Ms. Salam Zahran, the Human Rights Center Coordinator, delivered a welcoming speech at the opening, in which she stressed upon the strong relations between the Center and the NGOs, aiming at enhancing communication and facilitating the tackling of various issues relevant to human rights.
Dr. Omar Houri, BAU Secretary General and the Director of the Center reiterated in his speech that the Center exerts all efforts to address sustainable development.
Dr. Idriss Hijazi, representative of UNESCO, pointed out the various domains for possible cooperation between UNESCO and BAU. He also expressed his gratitude to the University for the opportunity of organizing this fair which aims at enhancing dialogue.
Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of the University and Chairperson of the Board of the Human Rights Center maintained that the University aims to address the topic of sustainable development through the implementation of the concept of community service, which is part and parcel of its current strategy. He further thanked UNESCO and the participating NGOs.
This was followed by a tour, in which the guests viewed the booths of the participating NGOs. However,  a seminar was held with the students on how international and local NGOs work in the civil society, as part of the sustainable development goals. A number of projects were presented, during which Dr. Jana Jabbour representing the UNESCO, Ms. Patricia Smida representing Lebanon Tomorrow, Mr. Antoine Haddad representing “Arab Thought Association, Ms. Sara Rammal representing  “Nahno Association”, Mr. Manuel Lahoud representing  “Rowad Al Hokouk Association”, Mr. Tarek Ghalayini representing “Beiyrutiat Association”, and Mr. George Ghali representing “A Thousand Movements for Human Rights”, spoke to the students.
The Fair hosted 35 NGOs from various fields (environmental, social, health, educational and developmental), which were classified in the Fair in accordance with the sustainable development goals they serve.