The Faculty of Engineering at Beirut Arab University organized a University Talk about the “Oil and Gas” in Lebanon at Debbieh Premises under the patronage of the President of Beirut Arab University Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi. The lecture was attended by Ex- Minister M.P. H.E. Yassine Jaber, CEO and General Director of F.F.E. Bank Mr. Jean Riachi, Member of Petroleum Sector Board Member Dr. Nasser Hoteit, BAU Vice President for Medical Sciences Prof. Essam Osman Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Adel El Kurdi, , BAU Deans, Chairman and coordinator of Beirut Arab University in the Petroleum Engineering Association Dr. Rami Harkouss, President of this Association in the University Youssef Arbid, in addition to Faculty, Staff , students and a crowd of interested audience.
This event was organized in collaboration with the “Front Page Communication” in a way to focus on the latest updates that occurred on the Oil and Gas Sector in Lebanon. The lecture was entitled “The Oil and Gas Exploration in Lebanon & the Production Tender and the Future Vision”.
The lecture included a series Interventions to the guests and  “Questions and Answers Session” moderated by Dr. Harkouss related to the subject like “Is the Oil and Gas Treasure Huge in Lebanon” Taking into consideration that the Oil and Gas Condition currently is not as it used to be in 2010-2012 and the International Concern in Oil in Lebanon is not as it used to be before and thus decreased, in addition to not ignoring what is going around in latest discoveries in this field.