Humility, Honesty, and Integrity are Key Ingredients of Success

For the fifth consecutive year, the Public Relations Department at Beirut Arab University organized the "Success Story" event which hosted Mr. Nizar Choucair, Chairman of Patchi Group.  The economic bodies and associations in Beirut had marked their calendar  for this event which included the honouring of the successful and pioneering process of excellence for a self-made man who achieved global success one step at a time.  
BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi and BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houri attended the event in addition to Mr. Choucair’s family members, Minister of Communication Mr. Jamal Al Jarrah representing Prime Minister Saad Al Hariri, MP Dr. Ammar Houri, ex-Minister Mr. Adnan Al Kassar and a large crowd of diplomats, representatives of the financial and banking sector as well as associations in Beirut. 
In her welcoming speech, Ms. Zina Ariss, Director of Public Relations Department at BAU pointed out that Mr. Choucair’s achievement is but a blatant expression of the challenges he had faced to crystallize his dream manifested in a distinctive Lebanese mark at the national, regional and international levels, resulting in a sense of pride among all contemporaries. 
In his dialogue with Ms. Ariss concerning his life journey, challenges and success, and after a short movie prepared by the PR Department highlighting Mr. Choucair’s family life and  achievements had been presented,  he recounted the story of the early days, recalling his decision to take off early to work to support his family upon the fluctuation of their financial status. 
The key ingredients of success which led to Mr. Choucair’s global success were, for him,  honesty, humility, integrity, and customer  satisfaction away from dishonesty and fraud executed in some commercial transactions, stressing the fact that earning people's trust is the foundation stone for any success.
He also spoke of his ability to achieve harmony between his work and family life in the light of all the challenges he faced.  Another reason for his success, Mr. Choucair stated, was his wife’s ongoing support  and enduring encouragement. For him, commitment to honesty and transparency should always be his family members’ chief drive in life, which will, in turn, help them preserve their success. 
Promising the audience of a surprise announced by Patchi soon, Mr. Choucair addressed the youth  and the students encouraging them to stick to their dreams no matter what they are and never surrender to the frustrating reality, emphasizing the factor of humility and faith in the coming days.
In appreciation of Mr. Choucair’s great journey to success, BAU President  Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi presented him the honorary shield . After that,  President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Mohammed Choucair, gave a compassionate speech to his father, the man and the role model thanking BAU for this event and hinting at its pioneering role in promoting education and graduating generations who contribute to the building of their society and economy.
 Mrs. Shokeir spoke of her husband as the ambitious man with boundless visions and ideas which, accompanied with her patience, challenge and faith, helped him to realize. 
The event ended with a cocktail reception where copies of Mr. Choucair’s book “Success Story” were distributed.