Beirut Arab University- Tripoli Branch organized a Poetical Evening entitled “Nile Dew” for the ex-minister and Poet Rashid Derbas at Campus.
The event was attended by MP Dr. Ahmad Fatfat, ex-minister Sami Minkara, Elie Obeid representing ex-minister Jean Obeid, Saeddine Fakhouri representing ex-minister Major General Ashraf Rifi, Patron of the Tripoli Archeparchy of the Melkite Roman Catholics Edward Daher, President of the Mina Municipality  Abdel Kader Alameddine,  Vice-President of the Constitutional Council Judge Tarek Ziadeh, USJ North Branch Director Fadia Alam,  Chairman of the Board of the Tripoli Governmental Hospital Doctor Fawaz Hallab, BAU Vice-President for Tripoli Branch Affairs Professor Khaled Baghdadi, BAU Deputy Secretary General Mr. Mohammad Hammoud, Head of the BAU Alumni in the North Mr. Ahmad Sankari, BAU Deans, Directors, Staff and Students.
The event started with the Lebanese anthem and BAU anthem followed by a solidarity stand with Palestine including songs about Jerusalem and Palestine by Fairouz.
In his speech, Professor Baghdadi spoke of the relation between BAU and minister Derbass, “We have known him through the interventions in book signing ceremonies for writers and poets. He has a number of books besides being an inspirational speaker and a lover of Arabic. He is always present at the Tripoli Poetry Forum of which he is a member and participates in most of the cultural clubs in the north and beyond.”
Derbass addressed the audience saying, "Allow me to start the evening in a way to suit the occasion of the transfer of the American Embassy to Jerusalem and to tell you that, towards the end of my seventh decade, I have been fluctuating with the political variabilities that have occurred. Every time the headline was Palestine, and every time I realised the new baby was an emotionless fabrication in a glass incubator. Our slogan “Palestine” has in fact been a means to consolidate tyranny in our country which has brought our people nothing but humiliation, poverty, ignorance and displacement, and ultimately offers the tyrannical people endings as dire as all you see every day.” 
“Unfortunately, our leaders whom we expected to be aware of history and the development of civilization, pay no attention to the news bulletin which allows them to learn from their ancestors’ fate," Derbass added.
He recited a poem which he “wrote during the children’s uprising using the decisive weapon, the stones,  entitled I have outside Glass” followed by his other patriotic and emotional poems including In the footsteps of Abdul Nasser, Your eyes are the African Beach, Water Activity, Blue, I am a Grandfather to Five among others.