The Public Relations Department at Beirut Arab University hosted the the Middle East Social Media Festival at Beirut Campus in cooperation with the Right Service Institution represented by its CEO, Mr. Joe Ghantous, 
The two-day conference aimed at introducing the youth to the recent updates in social media as related to marketing, and referring to the best ways of using such social communication means in line with the nature of the institutions and their work, being characterized by their low cost compared to conventional marketing methods.  
In her opening speech, Ms. Zina Ariss,  the Conference Supervisor and Director of the Public Relations Office, pointed out the significant impact that social communication has on our life and hinted at the university active pages across the various means of social media, which facilitates the process of following up on more than ten thousand students and more than a hundred thousand graduates. Ms. Ariss’ speech ended with expressing her gratitude to all sponsors and contributors to the success of the conference.
Mr. Joe Ghantous presentation  included a historical overview of the emergence, origin and development of social media as well as their significance, hoping to attract as many bloggers and activists as possible to take advantage of any subsequent developments in the sector.
The conference was attended by representatives of Arab and International Sectors and institutions and media figures as well as those interested in learning about the latest developments in social media. Through their interventions and presentations, social media specialists transferred their experiences to students and attendees who were introduced to new ways to manage their accounts and the accounts of the institutions they work in.
The interventions pointed to the importance of developing strategies in marketing through social media, stressing the fact that the digital media world is very accurate and far from anarchism due to the multiplicity of institutions and the diversity of media, news, entertainment, political, and economic content.
The conference also featured the presence of impressive and active personalities on social media who talked about their experience in dealing with thousands of people who followed their accounts, which requires a thorough presentation of the message content and responding to the inquiries of the followers as well as keeping them up with new ideas.
Specialized workshops were held in parallel about the ways and methods of marketing through social media and the proper use of these means in the educational and political fields.
Finally, the conference singled out the most influential people in the social media world with many awards for their best use of social media in marketing and other fields.