The Human Rights Center at BAU concluded the one-week Seventh Regional Summer Session on “Human Rights and Civil Engagement in the Arab World”.
The Closing Ceremony was attended by Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of BAU, and the Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the Human Rights Center; Dr. Omar Houri, BAU Secretary General and the Director of the Human Rights Center; representatives of the embassies of the participating countries, including Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Palestine; a number of members of the board of directors; representatives of the funding bodies (MLB, BLOM and Cleantec); as well as the deans of faculties, the directors of the University and the volunteers at the Center. 
The Summer Session hosted 20 young people from nine Arab countries of the MENA Region, and aimed this year at offering a preliminary training course on human rights and the role of youth in serving the community in the Arab World. It also aimed to increase the participants’ knowledge of the role played by the youth in civil engagement, as well as its various aspects, by introducing them to the activities of a set of NGOs active in both human rights and civil society service.