The Faculty of Engineering- Civil Engineering Department- at Beirut Arab University won the First Place Prize in the Competition held in parallel with the “13th Technology and Industrial Innovation Forum” organized by the “Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements Program” in cooperation with the “Association of Industrialists in Lebanon” and the “National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS)”.
The winning students were: Adel Shahrour, Bayan Katello, Marwa Shbaro, Hasan Shakhashiro, Mahmoud Itani and Wassim Manasfi won the First Prize in addition to receiving the  Best Supervisor Award. 
The project is a three-dimensional printer that can print any conceivable geometric shape (90-90-90 cm) drawn on a computer to become horizontal slides that are printed continuously and quickly to become an architectural model. The project took a long time and underwent a number of experiments and modifications.
This project paves the way for the possibility of manufacturing a printer with large dimensions so that a complex of prefabricated houses can be constructed to provide housing in the event of disasters or wars in record time without the need for a large number of workers and equipment in the construction of storeys.
The award coincided with the spread of this technology which is expected to become more popular in the near future, putting the Civil Engineering Department in the ranks of international companies that were monopolizing it.
On another note, a  Memorandum of Understanding was signed between BAU and the Lebanese Industrial Research Achievement Program (LIRA) regarding the establishment of the LIRA Student Club at the University under the supervision of the Faculty of Engineering to benefit from the entrepreneurial opportunities, financial support as well as seminars, workshops and meetings in this field.
The MOU was signed by BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi and Minister of Industry represented by the Chair of the Supervisory Board of the LIRA Program for a period of a one whole year.