The President of the Council of Ministers Mr. Saad Hariri: My mission is to create job opportunities for the Youth.
Noura Jumblatt Commencement Keynote Speaker :  Be at the heart of the event, not on its side-lines.


“We will continue to meet the aspirations of the society and keep up with the latest developments of this era.” By this statement the President of Beirut Arab University Professor Amr El Adawi addressed the University Graduates. 
Beirut Arab University graduated its 54th class in the presence of the President of the Council of Ministers Mr. Saad Hariri and the event Keynote Speaker Ms. Noura Jumblatt along with more than 5000 attendees from the graduates’ families. The event was held on campus in Debbieh with the participation of 1534 Undergraduates and Graduates from Lebanon and the Arab World distributed among ten faculties.
The event was attended by MP Alaadeddine Terro representing the President of the Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri, MP Dr. Ammar Houri representing HE Fouad Seniora ex-Minister Mohammad Al Mashnouk representing HE Tammam Salam, , MPs Mohammad Hajjar and Elie Aoun, General Director of the Ministry of the Displaced Ahmad Hammoud, Brigadier-General Hasan Jouni representing Lebanese Commander-in-Chief General Joseph Aoun, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Ghannoum representing Director General of Internal Security Forces Major General Imad Osman, Chouf Qamakam Marlene Kahwagi Doumit, President of the Eqlim El-Kharroub North Municipality Union Ziad Al Hajjar and a large crowd of prominent political, municipality, religious and social figures.
The event began after the entry of the processions of students and of the President with the Lebanese National Anthem and the BAU Anthem, followed by the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Sheikh Mohammad Al Saleh.
In their own way, the graduates greeted the University President, their deans, professors, and families in a special way as their stands were filled with festive ceremonial lights.

Ms. Zina Ariss, Director of Public Relations Department, presented the event, referring to the fact that "Happiness usually comes once in a lifetime, but ours, at BAU, is for a lifetime.” She added, “Today, we are experiencing an exceptional state of joy. Young men and women are harvesting the fruits of their successes. Today, they are taking their first steps to achieve their highest goals, drawing their dreams above the clouds and flying in a wide world to achieve them. Some of them persevere and some stumble, but success requires not only feet but also resolution.” 
In her graduation speech, Student Layal Mostapha, a graduate from the Faculty of Engineering recalled the years of study, stress, effort and fatigue, pointing out that Beirut Arab University has never been satisfied with the glory of its past, and, thanks to the great effort exerted by its president and administrative and academic staff, it rose to the top ranks among the Lebanese universities. 
In his speech, Prof. Amr El Adawi, President of BAU, greeted HE Hariri and Ms. Jumblatt, and referred to all of the latest developments at the university, starting with international openness through the development of specializations and departments to the new international accreditations in line with the quality assurance standards adopted by the university based on its strategy. 
Addressing the Graduates, El Adawi continued, “Be proud of your university, which has excelled and distinguished itself in the market, and charge your resolve with hope, optimism and determination to succeed.” “The University shall always remain steadfast in encouraging you and following up on the news of your career. BAU shall always offer you support and advice based on its firm conviction that establishing a matrix of strong relations between the graduates and the university contributes to achieving the most important axes of its strategy,” El Adawi added. 
El Adawi promised to remain faithful to the journey of the university, offering  knowledge to all seekers, meeting the aspirations of the society and keeping pace with the latest developments with an insightful vision and a renewed brilliance.
The Keynote Speaker of the Ceremony Ms. Noura Jumblatt spoke of her human experience and called graduates to excel in all aspects of their lives. Jumblatt addressed graduates saying, "Go towards life, towards freedom, responsible freedom, of course, towards work, towards production, towards success. You will inevitably make mistakes , as I did countless times, but you have to persevere and never retreat. Be at the heart of the event, not on its side-lines, tread where no one ever dared before as nothing is impossible. The only difference is the degree of difficulty to achieve your goal.” 
President of the Council of Ministers HE Mr. Hariri expressed his great pleasure and pride to attend this event at BAU, where late Rafic Hariri studied, which endeared the university to him and to his family. Hariri added, “Beirut Arab University was the stepping stone in the academic, professional, political, national and Arab journey of Rafic Hariri. BAU’s academic, practical, national and Arab role, which has lasted for more than half a century, shall, by God’s will, last with the efforts of the staff, students and students' families.”
Hariri addressed the students, “You are entrusted with the success of the university, its image and reputation. You are also entrusted with the image of Lebanon and the reputation of university education there. Your success depends on the success of your university and your country. Your skills, creativity, productivity, professional and political decisions are the commitments you receive today with your certificates. Your Arabism, moderation, modernity, as well as intellectual, cultural and academic openness are the values you embrace the same way you hold the names of this prestigious university, this great city, and this great civilization. This certificate and these values are your own tools, so what shall you do with them is only your decision.”
For Hariri, the graduates join the productive forces of a transformed world and become full partners in the economic cycle in a new economy - the economy of knowledge, modern technology and communication. He stressed the fact that his premium mission  is to create job opportunities for the youth, promising to implement several plans in order to activate the process of development in all fields. 
Then Hariri took some selfie pictures with the Graduates, Professors and the Attendees, BAU President, then, presented Hariri and Jumblatt the BAU Shields, which was  followed by the distribution of the certificates, the Jamal Abdel Nasser Awards and the Issam Houri Awards for the highest GPA in Accounting as well as those recognised on the Honor Roll. 
After the departure of the procession of the university president and professors, the fireworks filled the skies, marking the admission of the 54th batch to the convoy of BAU Graduates.