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Prospective Student


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A Day in the life of a BAU student

If you're currently in the process of applying to BAU, you might find that it is really worth listening to those who are students now at the University. You're probably wondering what life is like as a university student, that's why we intend to focus on a day of the life of one of our students.

Rawan Edelby                                                              
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration

At  7 A.M. I wake up, have my morning coffee and head straight to theUniversity. Lots of transportation options are available to Beirut Campus. Students living near and around Beirut may choose to walk, take the bus or drive. The Campus provides a safe and secure environment in which people will be asked about the purpose of their visit before entering the campus.

At 8:00 A.M. The main lecture takes place at the faculty. We meet for group work with students on related courses seeing each other every day or do individual work. 

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Students' Blogs

Mohammad Nehme Tirani
Mechanical Engineering Third year

Ghida Mohammad Baddoura
Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration
First year

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