• Degree: Master
  • Campus: Debbieh
  • Faculty: Science
  • Department: Mathematics and Computer Science

Program Description

To obtain the Master Degree in Computer Science, the student has to successfully complete a total of 36 credit hours including 30 credit hours of course work with a CGPA of no less than 2.33 and successfully defend the thesis (6 credit hours) in no less than two years.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
CMPS641 Design And Analysis Of Algorithms 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) MJC
CMPS643 Advanced Programming Languages 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) MJC
GNSC611 Technical Writing and Research Skills 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec.) MC
------- Elective (Departmental) 6 (6crs.: 6lec.) DE
Second Semester
CMPS642 Automata Theory And Formal Languages 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) MJC
CMPS644 Advanced Computer Architecture 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) MJC
CMPS646 Advanced Software Engineering 3 (3crs. : 3lec.) MJC
------- Elective (Departmental) 6 (6crs.: 6lec.) DE

Mandatory Course(MC)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
CMPS690 Thesis 6 (6 Crs.) MC

Elective Courses(EC)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
CMPS647 Image Processing And Pattern Recognition 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS648 Parallel And Distributed Computing 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS650 Advanced Computer Graphics 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS651 Complexity Theory 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec.) EC
CMPS652 Advanced Operating Systems 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS653 Social Network Analysis And Mining 3 (3crs.: 3lec) EC
CMPS654 Advanced Topics In Artificial Intelligence 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS655 Advanced Computer Networks 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS656 Advanced Topics In Compilers 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS657 Machine Learning 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS658 Cryptography And Data Security 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS659 Computer Vision 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS660 Data Mining 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS661 Advanced Topics In Computer Science 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS662 Research Seminar 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
CMPS663 Software Quality 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC