• Degree: Diploma
  • Campus: Debbieh
  • Faculty: Science
  • Department: Department of Physics

Program Description

All students enrolled in the Radiation Protection Diploma program must successfully complete 30 Credits courses in order to graduate. 

Required Courses(RC)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHYS651 Review Of Fundamentals 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS653 Quantities And Measurements 2 (2crs.:2lec) RC
PHYS654 Exposure Of The Public Due To Practices 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS655 Biological Effects Of Ionizing Radiation 1 (1cr.:1lec) RC
PHYS656 Intervention In Situation Of Chronic And Emergency Exposure 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS657 Principles Of Radiation Protection And The International Framework 2 (2crs.:2lec) RC
PHYS658 Medical Exposures In Diagnostic Radiology, Radiotherapy And Nuclear Medicine 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS659 Assessment Of External And Internal Exposures 3 (3crs.:3lec) RC
PHYS660 Protection Against Occupational Exposure 4 (4crs.:4lec) RC
PHYS662 Advanced Practical Training 6 (6crs.:0lec,12lab) RC