• Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Debbieh,Tripoli
  • Faculty: Science
  • Department: Department of Biological Sciences

Program Description

Biochemistry major provides a high quality, rigorous biochemistry curriculum that prepares undergraduate students for various aspects of biochemistry disciplines where knowledge and critical and analytical thinking skills are essential. The biochemistry curriculum also ensures that the students possess scientific skills to be successful in alternative career options in biochemistry and related disciplines.

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
CHEM241 Principles of Chemistry 3 (3Crs.:3Lec) FC
BIOL231 Biology I 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) FC
BIOL231L Biology I Laboratory 1 (1Cr.:3Lab) FC
PHYS231 Physics For Life Sciences 3 (3Crs.:3Lec) FC
PHYS231L Physics For Life Sciences Laboratory 1  (1Cr.:3Lab) FC
CHEM241L Principles of Chemistry Laboratory 1 (1Cr.:3Lab) FC
------- University Requirements 4 (4crs.) CUR
Second Semester
MATH242 Probability and Statistics 3 (3Crs.:2Lec.,2 Lab) FC
CHEM234 Organic Chemistry 3 (3Crs.:3 Lec) MJC
CHEM234L Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1 (1Cr.:3Lab) MJC
BIOL236 Immunology  2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MJC
CHEM242L Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 1 (1Cr.:3 Lab) MJC
CHEM242  Analytical Chemistry 3 (3Crs.:3Lec) MJC
------- University Requirements 4 (4crs.) CUR
Third Semester
BCHM331 Biochemistry  3 (3Crs.:3Lec) MJC
BCHM331L Biochemistry Laboratory 1 (1Cr.:2Lab) MJC
BIOL333 Microbiology  3 (3Cr.:3 Lec) MJC
BIOL333L Microbiology Laboratory 1 (1Cr.:2 Lab) MJC
CHEM333 Physical Chemistry 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) MJC
CHEM333L Physical Chemistry Laboratory  1 (1crs.: 3lab.) MJC
------- University Requirements 5 (5crs.) CUR
Fourth Semester
BIOL334 Cell And Molecular Biology 3 (3Crs.:3 Lec) FC
BIOL334L Cell And Molecular Biology Laboratory 1 (1Cr.:2 Lab) MJC
BCHM336 Metabolic Biochemistry 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) MJC
------- Departmental Elective 3 (3crs.) DE
------- University Requirements 4 (4crs.) CUR
------- Free Elective 2 (2crs.) FE
Fifth Semester
BCHM437  Endocrinology 3 (3Crs.:3Lec) MJC
BCHM433 Enzymology  3 (3crs.: 3lec.) MJC
BCHM433L Enzymology Laboratory 1 (1cr.: 2lab.) MJC
BCHM435 Seminar in Biochemistry 1 (1cr.: 1lec.) MJC
------- Departmental Elective 3 (3crs.) DE
------- University Requirements 4 (4crs.) CUR
------- Free Elective 2 (2crs.) FE
Sixth Semester
------- Departmental Elective 3 (3crs.) DE
------- Free Elective 2 (2crs.) FE
Seventh Semester
BCHM432 Clinical Biochemistry 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) MJC
BCHM432L Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory 1 (1cr.: 3lab.) MJC
BCHM434 Biotechnology  3 (3crs.: 3lec.) MJC
BCHM444 Senior Project 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) MJC

Departmental Elective(DE)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
BIOL342 Histology  3 (3Cr.:2Lec,2 Lab) DE
BIOL344 Virology  3 (3Crs.:3Lec) DE
BIOL337 Human Physiology 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) DE
BIOL338 Genetics 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) DE
BCHM451 Membrane Biochemistry 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) DE
BCHM449 Nucleic Acid - Protein Interaction 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) DE
BIOL441 Cell and Tissue Culture  3 (3crs.: 3lec.) DE
PHYS352 Biophysics 3 (3Crs.:3Lec) DE
BCHM445 Biochemical Principles of Nutrition 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) DE
BCHM446 Gene Therapy 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) DE
BCHM447 Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) DE
BCHM448 Molecular Biology of Cancer 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) DE