• Degree: PhD
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Pharmacy
  • Department: Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Program Description

The PhD Program consists of a total of 40 Credit Hours divided as follows:

Specialized Elective Courses: 18 Credit Hours

Thesis: 22 Credit Hours

All specialized Elective Courses are selected in accordance to the field of specialization.

PhD Specialized Elective Courses(PHDS)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHAR801 Research Project 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR828 Advanced Biochemistry 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR829 Advanced Selected Topics Related To The Point Of Research 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR830 Cell Signaling 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR831 Advanced Topics In Neuropharmacology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR832 Protein Structure And Function 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR833 Physiological And Biochemical Bases Of Human Nutrition 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR834 Departmental Seminar And Journal 1 (1Lec) PHDS
PHAR835 Steroid Hormones 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR836 Advanced Biochemical Techniques 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR843 Advanced Topics In Experimental Pharmacology 3 (2Lec, 1Lab) PHDS
PHAR844 Advanced Topics In Molecular Pharmacology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR845 Advanced Topics In Immunopharmacology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR846 Advanced Topics In Pharmacogenetics And Pharmacogenomics 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR847 Research Topics In Cardiovascular And Renal Pharmacology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR848 Research Topics In Neuromuscular Pharmacology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR849 Research Topics In Cns Pharmacology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR850 Research Topics In GIT Pharmacology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS