• Degree: PhD
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Pharmacy
  • Department: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Program Description

The PhD Program consists of a total of 40 Credit Hours divided as follows:

Specialized Elective Courses: 18 Credit Hours

Thesis: 22 Credit Hours

All specialized Elective Courses are selected in accordance to the field of specialization.

PhD Specialized Elective Courses(PHDS)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHAR801 Research Project 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR807 Total And Retrosynthesis Of Pharmaceutical Compounds 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR808 Advanced Stereochemistry 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR809 Pericyclic And Cyclo-Addition Reactions 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR810 Advanced Heterocyclic Chemistry 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR811 Synthetic And Natural Pharmaceutical Polymers 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR812 Synthesis Of Peptides, Nucleotides And Related Drugs 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR813 Modern Theories In Drug Design 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR829 Advanced Selected Topics Related To The Point Of Research 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR834 Departmental Seminar And Journal 1 (1Lec) PHDS