• Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Pharmacy

Program Description

The degree requirements consist of 180 Credit Hours taken as follows:

I- Faculty Requirements: (168 CREDIT HOURS)

Faculty Mandatory Courses: 162 Credit Hours

A. Biomedical Sciences Courses: (24 Credit Hours) These courses include: Anatomy and Histology, Human Biology, Physiology [I & II], Biochemistry, Fundamentals of Pharmacology, Pharmacology [I-V], Medical Microbiology and Toxicology.

B. Pharmaceutical Sciences Courses: (69 Credit Hours)

These courses include: Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry I, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry [I-III], Natural Medicine and Nutritional Supplements, Natural Therapies [I & II], Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry [II & III], Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms [I & II], Physical Pharmacy and Product Stability, Modern Separation and Isolation Techniques, Pharmaceutical Microbiology [I & II], Pharmaceutical Analysis, Medicinal Chemistry [I - III], Drug Delivery Systems, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Recent Approaches In Phytotherapy, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Phytochemistry.

C. Pharmacy Practice Courses: (41 Credit Hours) These courses include: Communication Skills in Pharmacy Practice, Orientation to Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy Practice Management, Pharmacy Practice [I-VI], Laboratory Data, Pharmacotherapeutics [I-VI], Integrated Case-Based Learning (ICBL) (I-III), Public Health, Inter-Professional Education (IPE) and Pharmaceutical Legislations.

D. Pharmacy Practice Experience: (28 Credit Hours) These courses include: Pharmacy Practice Experience [I-VI]

2- Faculty Elective Courses: (6 Credit Hours)

These include courses that are related to the recent advances in different Pharmacy domains. In some of these courses, a distinguishable training in pharmaceutical companies and other practice settings is offered.

II. University Requirements: (12 CREDIT HOURS)

These are divided into:

1- University Mandatory Courses: 5 Credit Hours.

2- University Elective Courses: 7 Credit Hours.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
PHAR250 Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR251 Natural Medicine And Nutritional Supplements 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR252 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR253 Human Biology 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR254 Anatomy And Histology 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR255 Communication Skills In Pharmacy Practice 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
------- University Mandatory 2 (2Lec.) CUR
Second Semester
PHAR260 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR261 Natural Therapies I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR262 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR263 Physiology I 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR264 Orientation To Pharmacy Practice 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR265 Pharmacy Practice Management 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
------- University Mandatory 4 (4 Lec.) CUR
Third Semester
PHAR270 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR271 Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms I 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR272 Natural Therapies II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR273 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR274 Physiology II 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR275 Pharmacy Practice I 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
------- University Electives 3 (3 lec.) CUR
Fourth Semester
PHAR280 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry III 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR281 Physical Pharmacy And Product Stability 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR282 Modern Separation And Isolation Techniques 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR283 Pharmaceutical Microbiology I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR284 Biochemistry 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR285 Pharmacy Practice II 2 (2Cr.: 2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
------- University Electives 3 (3 lec.) CUR
Fifth Semester
PHAR360 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR361 Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR362 Pharmaceutical Microbiology II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR363 Medicinal Chemistry I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR364 Laboratory Data 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR365 Fundamentals of Pharmacology 3 (2Lec, 3Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR366 Pharmacy Practice III 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
Sixth Semester
PHAR370 Drug Delivery Systems 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR371 Medical Microbiology 2 (2Lec, 1Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR372 Medicinal Chemistry II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR373 Pharmacology I 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR374 Pharmacotherapeutics I 2 (2 Lec.) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR375 Pharmacy Practice IV 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR376 Integrated Case-Based Learning I (ICBL I) 2 (2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
Seventh Semester
PHAR460 Biopharmaceutics And Pharmacokinetics 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR461 Recent Approaches In Phytotherapy 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR462 Medicinal Chemistry III 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR463 Pharmacology II 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR464 Pharmacotherapeutics II 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR465 Pharmacy Practice V 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR466 Integrated Case-Based Learning II (ICBL II) 2 (2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
Eighth Semester
PHAR470 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR471 Phytochemistry 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR472 Pharmacology III 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR473 Pharmacotherapeutics III 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR474 Pharmacotherapeutics IV 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR475 Pharmacy Practice VI 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR476 Integrated Case-Based Learning III (ICBL III) 2 (2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
Ninth Semester
PHAR547 Pharmacology IV 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR548 Pharmacotherapeutics V 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR549 Public Health 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR579 Pharmaceutical Legislations 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR583 Toxicology 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR584 Pharmacology V 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR585 Pharmacotherapeutics VI 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
------- Faculty Elective 3 (3 lec.) Fac_Elec
Tenth Semester
PHAR577 Pharmacy Practice Experience V 6 (270 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR578 Pharmacy Practice Experience VI 6 (270 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR586 Inter-Professional Education 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
------- Faculty Elective 3 (3 lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR266 Pharmacy Practice Experience I 4 (180 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR286 Pharmacy Practice Experience II 4 (180 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR380 Pharmacy Practice Experience III 4 (180 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR480 Pharmacy Practice Experience IV 4 (180 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand

Faculty Elective Courses (Fac_Elec)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHAR564 Supportive Care For Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR565 Pharmacovigilance 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR566 Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR567 Medication Use in Geriatric Patients 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR568 Medication Use in Pediatric 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR569 Medication Use in Pregnancy 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR570 Substance Related Disorders 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR571 Childhood Disorders 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR587 Anticoagulation Therapy Management 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR588 Pain Management 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR589 Oncology Supportive Care 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR590 Clinical Nutrition 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR591 Selected Autoimmune Disorders 2 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR592 Clinical Pharmacokinetics 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR593 Hospital Pharmacy 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR594 Principles of Pharmacoeconomics 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR595 Pharmaceutical Layout 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR596 Cosme-Pharmaceuticals 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR597 Natural Dietary Supplements and Health Products 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR598 Pharmaceutical Marketing 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR599 Advanced Communication Skills And Care For Special Population 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec

University Elective Offered by Pharmacy (UE_Ph)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHAR001 Medicinal Herbs 1 (1Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR002 Hormones And Their Actions 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR003 Microbial Diseases 1 (1 Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR004 Drugs And Treatment 1 (1Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR005 Cosmetics 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR007 Forms of Drugs 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR008 Drugs and Abuse 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR009 Water Secrets and Life 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR010 Concept, Principles and Tools of Leadership 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR011 Introduction to Interprofessional Collaborative Practice 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph

University Requirement Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Type
ARAB001 Arabic Language 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) Mandatory
BLAW001 Human Rights 1 1 Lec. Mandatory
ENGL001 GENERAL ENGLISH 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) Mandatory
ARCH001 PHOTOGRAPHY 2 1Lec Elective
ARCH002 HISTORY OF ARTS 1 1Lec Elective
BIOL001 Issues in Substance Abuse 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
BIOL002 Global Warming 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
BLAW003 Introduction to Law 2 2 Lec. Elective
BLAW004 Principles of Commercial Law 2 2 Lec. Elective
BLAW005 Principles of Maritime Law 1 1 Lec. Elective
BLAW006 Principles of Labor Law 1 1 Lec. Elective
BLAW007 Law of Professional Practices 1 1 Lec. Elective
BLAW008 Intellectual Property Rights 1 1 Lec. Elective
BLAW009 Citizenship and Foreigners Status 1 1 Lec. Elective
CMPS001 Mobile Applications Development 2 (2crs.: 2lab.) Elective
CMPS002 New Trends in Computer Technology 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
COME001 Control Of Acoustical Noise Pollution 2 (2Crs.:2Lec) Elective
COMP007 Website Development 2 (2Crs.:2Lec,0Lab) Elective
COMP008 Programming basics 2 (2Crs.:2Lec,0Lab) Elective
ENVI001 Water Resources 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
ENVI002 Natural Hazards 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
ENVI003 Meteorology Today 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
ENVI004 Environmental Issues in Lebanon 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
ENVI007 Man and Environment 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
HESC001 Topics in Addiction 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
HSSC001 History of Science 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
MATH005 Introduction To Statistics 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
NURS001 FIRST AID 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NURS002 DISASTER MANAGEMENT 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NURS003 CULTURE AND HEALTH 1 1Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NURS004 TIME MANAGEMENT 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NURS005 HEALTH PROMOTION 1 1Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NUTR001 PRINCIPLES OF NUTRITION 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NUTR002 PRINCIPLES OF FOOD SAFETY 1 1Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NUTR003 NUTRITION OF THE YOUTH 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
PHTH001 STRETCHING 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
PHTH002 BODY ERGONOMICS 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
PHYS002 Physics for Everyday Life 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
PHYS006 Introduction to Astronomy 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
PLSC001 Principles of Political Science 1 1 Lec. Elective
POWE001 Electric Safety 2 (2Crs.:2Lec, 0Lab) Elective
SCTH001 التفكير العلمي 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective