• Degree: PhD
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Medicine
  • Department: Clinical Sciences

Program Description

The credit hours requirements for all Doctorate Degree in different specializations consist of 54 Credit Hours taken as follows: • Mandatory and Elective Courses: 45 Credit Hours • Thesis: 9 Credit Hours Doctor degree in clinical specialties requires, in addition to Master Degree in the specialty, a successful completion of at least two years in a hospital fellowship program in the proposed field of specialization. Learning methods include, in addition to lectures, student centered learning activities, workshops, and clinical training.

Elective (E)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
BOCM801 Biostatistics and Computer Science 1 1 Cr E
METH801 Medical Ethics 1 1 Cr E
ENUL901 Endoscopy 1 (1Cr) E

Major Core(MC)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
MBIO801 Molecular Biology 1 1 Cr MC
PEDT901 Embryology for Pediatrics 2 (2 lec) MC
PEDT902 Genetics for Pediatrics 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT903 Physiology for Pediatrics 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT904 Medical Biochemistry for Pediatrics 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT905 Pathology for Pediatrics 2 (1 Lec, 1 Lab) MC
PEDT906 Pharmacology for Pediatrics 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT907 Medical Microbiology for Pediatrics 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT908 Parasitology for Pediatrics 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT909 Clinical Pathology For Pediatrics And Radio Diagnosis 2 (1Lec,1Lab) MC
PEDT910 Preventive Pediatrics 2 (2Lec) MC
PEDT911 Growth and development 2 (1Lec,1Cln) MC
PEDT912 Abuse And Neglect Of Children 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT913 Children with Special Health needs 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT914 Pathology of Body Fluids and fluid Therapy 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT915 Child Abuse 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT916 Clinical Genetics 1 (1Cln) MC
PEDT917 Diseases based on genetic pattern and gene mutation 2 (1 lec,1Cln) MC
PEDT918 Special Health Problems During Adolescence 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT919 The Immunologic System And Disorders 1 (1Lec) MC
PEDT920 Pediatric Allergic Disorders And Rheumatologic Diseases Of Childhood 2 (1Lec,1Cln) MC
PEDT921 Infectious Diseases 2 (1Lec,1Cln) MC
PEDT922 Pediatric Gastro-Intestinal Disorders And Nutrition 2 (1Lec,1Cln) MC
PEDT923 Pediatric Cardiology And Pulmonology 2 (1Lec,1Cln) MC
PEDT924 Pediatric Hematology And Oncology 2 (1Lec,1Cln) MC
PEDT925 Pediatric Nephrology And Endocrine Disorders 2 (1Lec,1Cln) MC
PEDT926 Pediatric Neuromuscular And Psychiatric Disorders 2 (1Lec,1Cln) MC
PEDT927 Common Eye, Ear And Skin Disorders 1 (1Cln) MC
PEDT928 Bone And Joint Disorders 1 (1Cln) MC
PEDT929 Conferences And Meetings 1 (1Lec) MC