• Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Law & Political Science
  • Department: Political Science

Program Description

In addition to the courses required for the program, the four year program of study includes a list of elective courses that students can choose from in order to gain advanced knowledge in areas of their interest. To graduate, students must successfully complete a total of 120 credit hours in addition to the ICDL requirement.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
Fifth Semester
PLSC331 Public Policies 3 3 Lec. Major
PLSC333 Administrative Judicature 3 3 Lec. Major
PLSC335 Public Finance and Budget 2 2 Lec. Major
PLSC337 Principles of Islamic Governance 2 2 Lec. Major
PLSC339 Fundamentals of Political Decision 2 2 Lec. Major
Sixth Semester
PLSC332 Public Liberties 3 3 Lec. Major
PLSC334 Citizenship and Status of Foreigners 2 2 Lec. Major
PLSC336 Political Crimes 3 3 Lec. Major
PLSC338 Tax Law 2 2 Lec. Major
PLSC340 Principles of Public Administration 2 2 Lec. Major
Seventh Semester
PLSC339 Comparative Public Administration 2 2 Lec. Major
PLSC431 Contemporary Islamic Issues 3 3 Lec. Major
PLSC432 Arbitration in Political Disputes 3 3 Lec. Major
PLSC433 Public Opinion and Media 2 2 Lec. Major
PLSC435 Economic Policy 3 3 Lec. Major
PLSC437 International Humanitarian Law 2 2 Lec. Major
Eighth Semester
PLSC434 International Criminal Law 3 3 Lec. Major
PLSC436 Political Parties and Pressure Groups 2 2 Lec. Major
PLSC438 Analysis of Political Texts and Documents 2 2 Lec. Major
PLSC440 Fundamentals of Political Negotiations 2 2 Lec. Major

University Requirements (UR) (CUR)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PLSC001 Principles of Political Science 1 1 Lec. CUR