Master in Clinical Psychology


There is no doubt that the number of graduates of psychology programs is gradually increasing. However, there remains a need to qualify these graduates to become full practitioners on the job-market. It is this gap which has necessitated the creation of a Specialized Master in Clinical Psychology, which focuses on further sharpening the learners’ skills, but also providing them with more in-depth training and practical work. Thus, the graduates of the master, upon successful completion of the requirements, qualify to train at hospitals and other professional venues, in preparation for attaining a license as practitioners.

Aim of the Master

The aim of this master is to train students to reach an adequate level of competency to offer basic mental health services, such as diagnosing mental health problems, and intervening using the appropriate psycho-therapy/cognitive behavioral techniques, while applying the code of conduct and ethics in their activities.

This master has been created to fulfill the acute shortage of trained personnel operating in the mental health and clinical psychology fields. The master, therefore, equips graduates with the necessary techniques in the following:

  1. Diagnosis, classification and prognosis
  2. Psychological Assessment
  3. Counseling/Psycho-therapy

Target Groups:

All holders of a BA in Psychology from Beirut Arab University, or any equivalent recognized university may join this master.


The master is a one-year program of 30 credit hours, completed ideally in 2 semesters.

  • Mandatory courses = 19 credits
  • Elective courses = 11 credits

These are distributed as follows:

  • First Semester (Fall)= 15 credit hours
  • Second Semester (Spring)= 15 credit hours

Structure of the Master